[Feature Request] Analog Lab V KeyLab Essential integration unusable preset browser

In short: If I upgrade to V Collection 9, will that bring back the missing browser preset features that have been omitted (missing) from the Analog Lab V?

It took a while until Arturia confirmed that a lot of functionalities have been removed from Analog Lab V, but are present in Analog Lab 4.

I was quite shocked to learn that it is no longer possible to browse presets and select multiple categories and etc. from the KeyLab controllers. Even the Mk3 versions.

Why their Dev team has decided to downgrade and remove, for me, the most important feature from the KeyLab series, is beyond my understanding.

So, if you upgrade to Analog Lab V, you MUST use the mouse if you want to do a simple preset selection (filter) for example ‘CZ + Leads’.

No way to do that from the KeyLab controller. You can just select either ‘CZ’ OR ‘Leads’.

This was possible if using the Analog Lab 4 + KeyLab controller. But sadly not anymore!

The same limitation is if you are browsing the presets using the Arturia emulations. You may only select ‘Types’ without any ability to combine preset filters with a ‘Styles’ selection - IF you are not using the mouse. Which kind of kills the idea of a preset browser on the KeyLab.

There was no warning through the email for current Analog Lab X (not the V) users about the plans for downgrading the KeyLab preset browser functions.

Now I’m speculating wildly, but maybe Arturia is shifting their orientation by jumping on the “DJ-oriented music production tools” wagon strategy, which is perfectly fine, but still, DJs also need the preset browser, as well. So, from that perspective, it also doesn’t make sense to downgrade a working tool for us that owns a KeyLab controller.

Any information about this?


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Hi @SoftSynthM we’re glad to see you here!

Thanks so much for your feedback, there is some research going on and we hope to fix this for future versions. I marked this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

I also created a ticket to make sure your feedback is take into account.

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Let’s keep exploring :zap:

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Thanks, I appreciate that! :+1:

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Spoiler alert: Searching for AND filter the presets, from the controller itself, is no longer possible. That features have been removed from the controller AND the Analog Lab V!