[Feature Request] Amount for EQ presets + Scales

Aside from just fixing the well-documented/discussed and absolutely deadly bugs with occasionally puking the firmware, sometimes failing to tune even after a long warmup, the screen or parameters locking up on certain presets, and Polybrute connect failing to actually connect on some systems (though that one always works for me), my two biggest feature requests would be:

  1. Amount (starting from zero) for the EQ presets (plus a simple tilt towards treble or bass preset run by amount).

  2. Keyboard scales… yeah, not all of us are dedicated enough players to make time to drill those scales, especially when having more than a full time job + family already, and I often just noodle around DAW-lessly.

Maybe these wouldn’t be too hard to implement, but really the Polybrute interface is just about perfect as-is, otherwise! Thank you and please perfect this thing before moving on to another hardware poly release because it is slowly becoming a total legend!

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It would be cool to have a little more robust of EQ options. As it sits, I like the one-touch simplicity, but adding a tilt EQ might be a cool idea, with the knob at noon being balanced, and then turning it counter-clockwise shifts the tilt toward bassiness and colockwise toward trebble, maybe with a shift function to set the tilt point. The Helix hardware/software for guitar has a great tilt EQ and it basically uses zero DSP.