[Feature Request] Allow separate modulation of both oscillator pitches

Current behavior of the modulation of effects in firmware

  • In the first column, the modulation matrix offers the option of modulating Pitch1 and Pitch2 together using various sources
  • If you want to control the pitches of the two oscillators separately, this occupies 2 additional modulation slots

If you control both pitches separately within a patch (which is almost a must for good-sounding sounds of certain types), you are forced to occupy two additional modulation slots. Unfortunately, the slot for the joint modulation of Pitch1+2 also remains unoccupied, which effectively means that 3 slots are occupied that are no longer available for other modulations.

Decouple the modulations of the pitches of both oscillators using a corresponding additional configuration menu item.

Description of the solution:

  1. Extend the behavior of the first column of the modulation matrix (Pitch1+2) by the configuration item “Osc → Pitch Modulation” with the entries
  • Osc1+2
  • Osc1
  • Osc2
    The entry “Osc1+2” represents the current behavior and is also the default setting (this prevents existing patches from breaking).
  1. Extend the current implementation with three different implementations (Strategy Design Pattern).
  2. The user can now specify which of the two pitches should actually be modulated by the first column of the modulation matrix. In addition, the differing modulations of both oscillators now only occupy one additional column in the modulation matrix, which effectively saves one column and leaves room for other modulations.

HI @PhonicGate

Thanks for another great idea!

Please DO keep them coming, it’s ALWAYS great to hear end users ideas on how to improve and develop things!