[Feature request] Allow noise as a random modulation source

I’d love to see audio-rate white noise made available as a modulation source in the next version of pigments. At the moment, noise can be used for modulation contextually for specific parameters inside of the synth engines. However, I think it’d be cool to use noise for any modulatable parameter.

Hi @Lummus . Welcome to the community.

You can use a Random module in the Random section and use that as modulator for parameters.

  • Set the module to SAMPLE & HOLD.
  • Then select a Sample From source. You have a white Noise as source, but you can also select a UT Noise. That’s a Noise set in the UTILITY ENGINE.
  • Select Clock as Retrig Source and use Rate to set the modules Sample Rate for the SAMPLE & HOLD.

Also keep in mind, that many filters can be modulated by Engine 1 & 2 and Mod OSC 1 & 2.

LFO’s also have a S&H setting, but perhaps that does’nt add the effect you have in mind. It is an option for many things.

Does this solve it for you?