[Feature Request] Allow audition of different patches for a sequence aka "sound lock"

Sometimes, I find a nice sequence, such as a bassline, and then I want to continue playing the current sequence while switching patches.

There is a clever feature in Omnisphere 2 called Sound Lock

Sound Lock lets you lock specific parameters of a Patch and apply them to other Patches as you browse. You can use the FX section of a Patch, the Arpeggiator pattern of another one and the Modulation Matrix of a third one. This mix-and-match approach makes browsing a fun and creative experience.

More on their product page

ANd here is a demo of Sound Lock in action:

I’d really love for Arturia to adopt this kind of feature in MnF. At the very least, I’d like to be able to “audition” different patches for a given sequence.

My current workaround is to record the MIDI for the sequence into my DAW, and use it to control the MnF while switching samples. But the “Sound Lock” feature above would be a workflow game changer.



That’s a great suggestion… seconded!

I don’t think that this will be possible. You only have to look at the time it takes to switch between 2 patches to realise that this would probably not sound good or that gaps would occur.