[Feature Request] ADSR Functionality

Now that the Microfreak has a sample engine
where you could load the fattest sounds on earth, being able to toggle on and off the release stage of the envelope (i.e. pressing shift+amp mod) would be pretty sweet for certain bass tones. (As well as a -24dB mode for the filter, maybe if the MF’s architecture allows to momentarily replace it with a software one?)
Will benevolent developers listen to my prayers? Only time will tell.

Hi @Rojo218

Good to see you’ve made it here to the newSound Explorers Forum.

We’ll list this as a feature request for you!


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Hi @matjones , thanks!

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Hi all,
I would tend to prefer a Shift+DECAY/REL to act on Decay ONLY, while SHIFT+Filter Amt would now act on RELEASE (As in MiniFreak (V)))