[Feature Request] Add Efx Refract to Pigments

I have just downloaded Efx Refract and it’s fantastic! I tried it on a default MiniV3 patch and got all sorts of weirdness.

This is the sort of effect that should be added to Pigments. I know it replicates some effects functionality such as Super Unison, Bitcrusher and Comb Filter, but to have it all in one effect would be great - especially when you start modulating parameters.

Please consider this a product enhancement request for Pigments and if others agree, please use the vote button.

Thank you Arturia
PS. I would have gladly paid for this if it was affordable. But it’s free!!! Yay!


Hi @Funtmaster

Great idea! We’ll log this as a feature request!

Yeah i dont get why this shoudnt be in Pigments. Voted!