[Feature Request] Ability to control scaling via MIDI Control Center?

As we know, in MiniLab there is no way to use the Scale mode, which is very popular for beginners, even if we have only two octaves.

What if we add the ability to enable Scale mode in the MIDI Control Center program? With the ability to select the desired scale/key?

Hi @leonid.t

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll mark this as a feature request so our team is aware of it.

By the way, for easier control of the scale mode - for example, turning it on and choosing a key, I would suggest the following solution:

To turn on, select the key and turn off, use the Shift button and move two fingers at once on the touch panel (Touch Strips).

For example, I wanted to turn on the key of C major - I press the Shift button, put two fingers at the very bottom on the pitch-bend strip and modulation strip and begin to slowly move my fingers up - and I see how the display shows:

Zoom - off
C major
C minor


Although, I would probably use only one strip - modulation - it is simpler and clearer in the context of choosing a scale.