[Feature Request] ability to change properties of the upcoming loop before it starts playing

If I have a sequence going, I’m improvising on the spot, and want to switch things up (I don’t have other sequences prepared to launch)

I would love the ability to adjust the properties of the upcoming loop before it actually launches

What I mean is, pattern 4 is playing, it’s 64 steps long, monophonic, I’ve built it up, and I’m playing with knobs on my synth and having a good time.
On the last run-through of this pattern, I hit the next pattern button, to launch pattern 5, the number 5 blinks at me for 3 bars before it switches over

While number 5 is blinking, I’d love to take that opportunity to adjust its properties, eg. set a pattern length, change it to mono etc
so that when it starts, I can get right down to recording my new pattern.

As things currently work, I have to wait for pattern 4 to finish playing out, pattern 5 starts, I have to wait a round while I set those properties before I can record the next part.

Now, I know I can plan ahead and set properties for every pattern on every track - but at times when I’m improvising, it would be nice to set this (or see what the properties for the next pattern are) at a more leisurely pace, over that 3 bars, while there’s the existing sequence happily doing it’s thing… rather than having to tap dance some 6 button combo and increase my odds of fumbling the beginning of my next riff…

Adjusting properties of the riff that’s about to stop playing, is less important to me

I think this simple addition would greatly improve improvised jamming and performance!

Hi @BigFknRobots

Thanks for your feature request, indeed it could be nice this improvement.

We will keep this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

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