[Feature Request] 2 requests: Type in exact values; Modulate macros

I just got Pigments 5 for the intro price and these two features would be a nice addition, I think.

#1: Type in values for each knob/parameter
This would be nice, especially for parameters that use units like Hertz or ms. The noises in the utility engine don’t offer coarse/fine pitch control but just “tune”, which can also be difficult to dial in correctly.
I know that you can use the control key in combination with the mouse for slower/more precise adjustments, but entering values with a keyboard can be faster and easier.

#2: Modulate macros
This would be a nice feature and is pretty self explanatory. You could set an offset for different parameters with one macro and set an LFO amount for it with the other one, for example. Patching would get faster, easier and more accessible.

That said, Pigments seems to be an awesome softsynth so far. I love the shimmer reverb and the sample/granular engine
Keep up the great work!

#1. Yes, numerical entry would be handy. However, while waiting for this feature (if it comes at all), if you hold CTRL while adjusting a parameter, this allows for much finer control entry.

#2. The closest thing I can think of to this is maybe the side chain feature.

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Also, if you use the right mouse key you can get finer increments too.


#2. The closest thing I can think of to this is maybe the side chain feature.

I think the missing aspect is being able to modulate the amount of sidechain for any mod assignment.

Since I see precise numerical readouts when I turn a knob, I assumed that just had not found where in the manual it tells you how to type in specific values.

Displaying nuanced values with no easy way to quickly type or even programmatically input values seems really odd, like someone thought about it then decided we wouldn’t need it.