[Feature Request] 16 encoders again by holding the Shift button?

As we know, in the 3rd version of MiniLab the number of encoders was reduced to 8. This disappointed many in the new model of this wonderful keyboard!

However, the situation can be significantly improved if we implement the ability to hold the Shift button and turn the encoders - then we will again get 16 encoders! )))

Developers, listen to us - this will be a really useful update to your wonderful product!


Hi @leonid.t

I’ve logged this as a feature request for you so our team are aware of it.


Interesting idea, though I wonder if using the ‘hold’ button would be better than shift, as that way way you don’t have to constantly hold down shift with one hand and avoid any slip ups of accidently letting go of the shift button.

Obviously the ‘hold’ button wouldn’t work for this if you were playing live at the same time, but is that likely? Even if you did, I don’t see how one could play notes, hold shift and turn encoder at the same time anyway - you’d need three hands :wink:

The “Shift” button is much clearer and more convenient - after all, in fact, this is its main function - to turn on different modes in different conditions.

I didn’t plan to turn the encoders and play at the same time)) After all, the Hold button is needed when playing!

I can see the Hold button being an issue if you need to use it to hold keys, though I think it could probably serve a dual purpose.

My issue with using the shift key is that it has to be held down while you manipulate the encoders. I’d really want to be able to tweak 2 or more encoders simultaneously, especially when controlling something like a TB303 or using the faders with a mixer and for that you need both hands.

Perhaps a suitable solution would be to enter this ‘alternative encoder mode’ by say double tapping the shift key to toggle between the two modes? Its quick to perform, easy to detect in code, shift button can stay lit while enabled for visual feedback, doesn’t use the ‘hold’ button and leaves both hands free?

In the meantime, I was reading through the MiniLab cheatSheet and apart from showing how many elements interact with the shift and hold key already, it reminded me about the Arturia Midi Control Center (MCC).

This got me thinking, could you maybe make a user preset prog with the only difference being the midi CC commands that are sent from the encoders? So to switch to different ‘banks’ of encoders you’d just use Shift+Prog pad on the device. Its not quite as effortless to do than holding ‘shift’ but it might be possible and avoids waiting for a solution from Arturia, assuming one is forth coming.

The only problem with this, is I don’t think it would work for something like Reason, where the Remote mapping it has might need updating. For other DAW’s that perhaps use midi CC commands exclusively it might.