Exporting banks with artwork and images

A long-time issue when exporting a bank from Pigments, the exported bank doesn’t contain the artwork/graphics in the exported file. I haven’t checked it lately, but after talking with Arturia about it for 2-3 years I guess it’s not too high on their to-do list.

Anyone knows if this have been fixed yet?

Hi @Plughugger,

Arturia use installers to do this for their own soundpacks.
I don’t know if this will change. Perhaps it could be possible to build an installer.

You have been in touch with Arturia allready. So they have it as a feature request.

Thanks. It’s really not a big thing, but it makes your library look much prettier :slight_smile:

It’s allready possible to make a folder with Presets and artwork and a file with info how to install it.
I can’t tell if Arturia will come up with something or not. As said Arturia must have your request allready, if you have talked with them 2-3 years about this.
Many have asked for at least a import bank image feature - my self included.