Essential Mk3 Control port compatible with triple pedal?

Manual says that the control port works for sustain, expression or modulation. But what about triple pedals like the studiologic slp3d that has a damper, sostenuto and soft pedal all on one jack?

If that wouldn’t work, what’s a good alternative? I’d like a piano style triple pedal for those three functions, as well as an expression pedal. I was just going to use a dorimidi adapter to use an expression pedal via usb since there’s only one port. Maybe instead I could use the control port for exp and find a usb triple pedal or an adapter for a normal one?

Sidenote: Mine is an 88 (why is there no tag for an 88mk3?)

Hi @CannonK148 . Welcome to the community.

I don’t have the controller.

Afaik a pedal can only control one parameter at a time. So single connection. I can suggest you check the global settings for the connection in the MIDI Control Center.

Thanks for the input. I’ll have to check that when the keyboard gets delivered :slight_smile: If that doesn’t clear anything up I’ll have to register it and ask Tech Support this question

Arturia do use the word OR and not AND when they describe possibilities.

I don’t know of any controller that can use a multiinput plug for midi CC control.

Arturias Keylab MK2 have more inputs, so multiple cables can be plugged in to use for the things you mention at the same time.

So its almost certainly a No then. In that case I’ll probably use the exp pedal on the control input and use the triple pedal on a midi expression converter