Essential MK3 49Key as second midi controller in DAWless setup

So I currently have a Keystep as a midi controller for my MC-101 > S-1 > TB-03 > MC-303 > Blofeld.

I love the keystep but I need full-sized keys and at least 49 of them :slight_smile: I use the keystep to flip between midi channels to play and sequence each synth, I only use Ableton to record occasionally when I have a composition I am happy with. 95% of the time I am DAWless and just jamming.

I was wondering if the Keylab Essentials MK3 49 would work OK if I connected it from the midi in of the keystep to the midi out of the keylab? I still want the aftertouch of the keystep as I have some nice SYS-Crtl settings that work expressively for me. So I will have both midi controllers running for the same setup.

If I use the Essentials as a DAWless controller how much of its functionality will I lose? I guess it’s designed mainly for Analog Lab V so some features will not be in use if it’s not running in a DAW.

Also, it comes with Ableton Live lite, I assume it’s version 11, will that licence key be valid for the newly released lite version 12? Even though I don’t use DAW much, it would be nice to have the Ableton Live Lite 12 as a DAW upgrade.

I would also like to use the Essentials faders and knobs to extend the filters of the MC-101, so basically the Essentials will be an extension through the Keystep for the MC-101. Would this be possible?

Thank you in advance for your time.

The KLEMK3 works with Analog Lab V as standalone. Dont know about mc101