Essential 88 will not connect to Mac

Complete newbie to MIDI Controller - why is this so overly complicated? Cannot get it to connect to my mac. Appreciate any guidance you may have for me.

  1. Installed Arturia Software Center with Analog Lab 4, Analog Lab Pro, and MIDI Control – that was hours of troubleshooting, but it’s finally installed!
  2. Using Mac OS Monterey on 2.9 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 MacBook Pro – have also tried on newer M2 chip on MacBook Air.
  3. All new MacBooks have USB-C so I’m using a converter for USB to USB-C (tested 2 of them, one from Targus and the other is powered version from Kensington)
  4. Have done factory reset of Essential 88 (OPT + and OPT - upon startup)

Despite testing multiple USB ports across multiple laptops across 2 converters, I cannot get this MIDI device (Essential 88) to be recognized by laptop. It’s getting power from USB but appears no data transferring. I watched this YouTube video here and when he’s at 3:50, he sees the MIDI devices but I see nothing. Everthing he’s done is same as the steps I have taken.

Should I have purchased a Yamaha? I’m quite frustrated and greatly appreciate any guidance.

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