Erratic keybed behavior when playing outdoor

I have the same problem using the MF outdoor as mentioned here:

I used 3 times my MicroFreak outside, including one last sunday. Each time, playing on the keybed is unpredictable: rarely it works as expected, but most of the time, it holds the first note played, or doesn’t output sound at all. Thinking it could be a question of power supply, I tried many solutions (powerbank, USB with phone charger, included power supply) without success. So I’m afraid it’s not reliable at all outdoor.

Could there be a workaround? Tell me there is, please. Thanks.

All I can think of is that atmospheric conditions are affecting the keyboard. Do you live in a damp or humid area? Are you using it Indoors with air conditioning?

Let’s see if anyone else has any ideas or has had a similar problem.

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HI @Knarf and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Sorry to hear this is happening, if it’s only happening outside though, it’s likely to be environmental factors as @Funtmaster suggests.

If you read The Manual starting on P 11/107, you’ll notice it mentions things like not placing it in direct sunlight etc.
It might not feel too hot to us as we move about and have the ability to sweat, but a keyboard isn’t as fortunate, so it’s worth taking extra precautions when using equipment outdoors.



The last time I used it outdoor, it was indeed in damp conditions. Indoor, I never use it with air conditioning.

Reading the instructions indicated, I wasn’t in any of theses conditions (thunder / direct sunlight) outdoor. The stand used for the MF has holes to optimize air circulation.
So I think I did my best to match recommendations here.

But still you had a problem that you did not experience indoors. So, the environment is the issue and there is nothing Arturia can do about where you choose to use the Microfreak.

Not so sure. Arturia could make a keyboard functional in most conditions maybe?
I do understand the keybed is quite different from others and therefore works differently in certain conditions.

The small size and functionalities (including sampling) make the µF perfect for all type of setups & shows. It’s just a pity it becomes useless outdoor.

What about hooking up a small midi controller in outdoor situations? I have a feeling the PCB ‘keyboard’ is where the ‘issue’ might lie.

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Yeah, thanks for pointing at this. I already saw it mentioned but forgot about it. I’ll try and let you know.

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Just tried to play (found a new exciting sound btw) for half an hour outdoor, with included power, me on the grass, the µF on my knees, without external controller, and no problem at all. So, no definitive answer for now.

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