Envelopes KEY FLW switches behavior reverted?


The Jup-8 V4 Envelopes KEY FLW switches should when enabled make the higher notes shorter. But they actually make the lower notes longer when enabled. Is that correct behavior or is it a bug?
Sound like a bug to me, as the low notes actually is shorter than the high notes, when the ENV KEY FLW Switches are OFF. That sound strange.

Hi @LBH,

Thanks for identifying this. Indeed it looks like a bug.

I’ll create a ticket to our support and see what they have to say about it.
I hope someone on the community could help in the meanwhile.


As stated by the manual, this is the normal behavior:

“KEYFLW: These switches connect envelope 1 and/or 2 to the keyboard follow.
When the switch is “ON”, the envelope times – “A”, “D” and “R” – will be shorter as
you play the higher notes on your MIDI keyboard, to mimic the typically-shorter
envelopes of higher notes on acoustic instruments.”

Hope that answers your question.
Kind regards.

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Hi @matthieu.arturia ,

I understand the point with the Envelope Key Follow function.

My question is about the high notes does’nt get shorter, when the Key follow is enabled. The low notes get longer. Where is the pivot point?

My thinking is, that the notes above the middle C of the keyboard should get shorter, and the notes below the middle C should get longer.

Otherwise i in a manual would write - The low notes will get longer when the switch is on. The pivot point is note X.

The Key Follow for the VCF is working from the middle C. The Pivot point is in the middle. I exspect the same behavior for the Envelopes Key Follows. But it look like the pivot point is the highest note on the keyboard or maybe even higher for the Envelope Key Follows, and then the notes get longer downwards. No shortening of any notes at all. So does this feature mimic acoustic instruments get longer notes the lower notes you play only?

In a new Roland manual it’s described like this:
"If key follow is on, ADR becomes longer as you play
lower notes, and ADR becomes shorter as you play
higher notes. This is appropriate when simulating
the sound of decay-type instruments."
This indicate to have a pivot point in the middle.

In the old Roland JP8 manual olso use the word “shortens” high notes when switching the Key Follow ON. Nothing about making low notes longer.
To me this indicate the high notes actually directly should be made shorter than they allready are when switching the Key follow ON.

Why describe it as shortens high notes, if the Key follow only should make low notes longer while no notes are actually made shorter as they allready are?

I just wonder.

BTW: It’s not me who have marked a solution, as my question have’nt been answered.

Cheers both

Hello @LBH
I’ve tested this and i can confirm that lower notes play longer than the higher notes, and higher notes are not shorter with KBD On or Off.
It seems that all notes below C6 are longer.
I have transferred your remarks to the manual writer in case of an update.
Also, you can use the Keyboard modulation from the advanced panel, and assign it the envelopes, with this you should get the expected results.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Kind regards.

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Thanks @matthieu.arturia ,

It’s very strange too me, if the pivot point is C6 and notes just get longer and no notes shorter. Is this really like the original harware behavior? If it is it is.

Yes we have the Advanced section. This was about the original behavior using the original switches.

BTW: I did play a Jupiter-8 hardware years ago. But i can’t remember, if it behaved like this. I think the notes did get shorter upward from the current states of envelope settings, when setting the Env Key Follow ON. It would be logical.

Kind regards