Engine edit header

Is this the right place to put feature requests?

I must say that this is one of the most confusing forums I ever used - honestly - the old forum was bad but this seems worse to me - sorry to moan.

Here is the request: can you highlight the engine that is currently being edited better please?

If you have 2 wavetable engines (or any other engines) it’s difficult to know which one you are working on.


HI coredump!

Why you think is this forum worse? or bad?

2 engines on pigments? I never had a problem with the engines cause there’s a blue dot in the engine you work with.

I think, sometimes, it can be confusing transitioning from one layout to another for some people for all kinds of reasons. For most of us it just takes a little time to become familiar with something new.

Re: your feature request, for people with ‘normal’ eyesight it’s possibly just fine as it is. For those of us with less than perfect vision/eyesight it could actually be quite useful. It can be really difficult for people with great eyesight to realise the issues that many people who make music face. This is why Arturia introduced The ‘Accessibility feature’ to The V Collection.

There are many kinds of visual problems, things such as long/short sightedness, colour vision issues etc, so getting it right for everyone is a really involved process, not that Arturia aren’t listening, they most certainly are :grinning:

Hi all,

When you create a topic, then you have some tag menus. You can also mark your post as a Feature Request.
Tagging is a very functional method to mark topics.

You can see the division better having the GUI in Light mode. Light mode can be set through the main menu.
As in Dark mode you will only see the line between the header and the Engine workspace for the not selected Engines and no lines for the selected Engine. In Dark mode it’s not very clear, but it’s there.
Nothing else indicate which Engine is selected. I would’nt mind a more clear indicator that’s more visible in Dark mode.

Are you sure you don’t confuse that dot’s in relevant colors are shown, when you hoower over a modulator in the modulation strip, to indicate something is modulated in a section (like an Engine) by that modulator?
Beside this there are only on/ off buttons.
I assume it’s the same no matter which OS is used.
Am i missing something?


Hey LBH, Good post mate :grinning:

I think, obviously i can only really speak for myself here, that people might prefer dark mode as it’s much easier on the eyes, particularly in long sessions.
The only blue dot i can think of, or that i can find on my system with Pigments, is the power button for each engine.

Maybe I was harsh with the “most confusing forum” blah blah blah - my initial gripes were that there is no timestamp in list view and that adding free format tags is error prone - if you get the syntax wrong (brackets etc.) it might not work.

highlighting the current engine should be easy - it’s not that clear currently

similarly indicating which parameters have modulation with a colour or something would make things easier - the sort of thing that a lot of synths have in a mod matrix

  • You can see, if a modulator is in use or not, by looking at the modulation strip. If not in use it’s faded.
  • A modulated parameter moves if auto modulation is added.
  • When you hoover over the modulators in the modulation strip, then you can see modulation rings around the parameters it modulate.
    -If you click the modulator name in the modulation strip, then you can see all the parameters that modulator modulate with how much. You can edit the modulations.
  • When you hoover over a parameter, then you can see the modulators added to that parameter. You can edit all the added modulators modultion amount.
  • If you click the + when you hoover over a parameter, then you can see all the modulators added to that parameter. You can edit the modulations.
  • Colors are used for modulators allready.

You have so many options to see and work with modulations. What should it matter to be able to see a parameter if is modulated in any other way? What functional purpose should it have?
Perhaps you are not aware of the excisting possibilities?

Keep in mind Pigments have 24 modulators and hundreds of parameters that all can be modulated by all the modulators at the same time.

I know of the possibilities you mention but I don’t want to hover over all the knobs to see if they are modulated.

Just put the name of the parameter in uppercase or something like that if it has modulation - easy.