End of Songs

Planning a solo show.
BSP will control 2 analog synths and a drum machine.
And I´ll be very busy otherwise playing my theremin. I have no hands available.
I want to know if there is any way to write an end to the sequences. The idea is having an end to what are well defined, well structured songs. No jamming, just plain mathematics. Songs start and then end. 12 songs 12. So I need the sequences to have an end, because I can´t stop them myself.
I´m using no computer, so no ableton or external sequencers.
Can this be done with the Beatstep Pro?

Would pattern chaining / scenes be of any help?

Source: https://support.arturia.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405748137106-BeatStep-Pro-Tutorials#collapse3

Manual pages 71 and 82: https://dl.arturia.net/products/beatstep-pro/manual/beatstep-pro_Manual_2_0_EN.pdf

HI @Pegamin and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

Have you tried what @MaikR above suggests?

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Well, yes, I was planning on using Scenes, mostly for transposing the chords of the patterns within the songs.
So let’s imagine a typical “rock” song, that goes in different sections from chords I-IV-V. I can use scenes to chain the same pattern, and transpose the pattern. I use three “sequences” on each scene- which are basically the same sequence, only transposed. This would allow me to create a longer sequence that transposes by itself. But then, the “song” would repeat itself ad infinitum. I can’t program an end to the song itself. Yes, I could create an empty pattern and have it play at the end of the song, which would sound like an end. But then I lose one of the usable patterns of the song - remember, there are only three of them available for each scene.
So I still need to use my hands to end the song. Not ideal.
Let’s imagine another set up: BSP would still control my two synths and beatbox. I still can`t use my hands, but I have my feet. Could I perhaps use an additional foot controller to command the BSP, that would allow me to transpose the sequence in the desired sections, AND stop the sequence when it’s time to?
Sorry for the verbiage, I hope I’m explaining myself.

So, no suggestions?
Perhaps a new update will allow for us users to have an End Of Scene available?
Perhaps somebody else is also struggling with controlling BSP with a pedal for start, stop or transpose sequences?

Hi @Pegamin

You could create a new post as a feature request if you wish.