Electronic rock track using mostly Arturia synths

A track using Arturia’s - Korg MS-20, Jup 8 V-4, Solina, Mini V + Logic Drummer and Alchemy (Logic)

Track - Alchemy


Hi @Sound_Mechanics_SD and thanks for posting your track.

Interesting stuff! Other than picking up on a bit of kraftwerk, I’m struggling to spot your influences with this one… Possibly no bad thing though as originality in music is always good. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Thanks for taking a listen.

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I dig it!
Gives off an “80-sih” vibe, with a subtle “Gent” undertone.

Nice break, as well!

Kudos! :wink:

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Thank you, glad you liked it.
I haven’t come across ‘Gent’, I could find ‘The Gents’ though?

“Gent” is more of a genre, rather than a band.
just google “Gent music” and you will see - it is (to me anyway) a cross between Progressive, Rock, and oftentimes, Classical and Melodic.

Ok thanks… :smiling_face: need to swat up on my genres.

Yeah, Me too! :wink: