Duelling Acid

An short unassuming aci-didactic track :woozy_face: showing MatrixBrute on Acid.
The MatrixBrute initiates the duel and Acid V comes in at 0:37.
A simple DrumBrute track on the BSTPro.


Hi Francoise! Nice tunes! I love the Drumbrute and I’m an Acid lover too.

Thanks for sharing it!

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Muchas gracias señor Fernandez,!

the tune was recorded live in Reaper, the three track simultaneously. It wasn’t easy tending to tweaking Matrixbrute parameters while hitting the Acid V Transmutation button.
I was surprised by what the Matrix could do.

The Drumbrute is amazing for all styles (rap, funk, techno, latin, etc.), but I still have to figure out to completely deactivate recording quantization essential in jazz. I know it’s Shift+Record but I need more practice. :running_woman:


+1 from me too!
There’s nothing wrong with practice, it’s one of the ways in which we improve ourselves :grin:


Yes, but the DrumBrute is so intuitive that we are spoiled. If you can read a drum chart most Addictive Drums beats can easily be programmed on the DrumBrute. The jazz beats are more challenging.

With the MatrixBrute, I’m still trying to figure out some presets (a few awesome by Victor Morello). There is so much you can do with the Matrix.

Excelente! Your welcome! From a person who has a lot of years in music (myself hehe) I never stop learning and practicing so, don’t worry keep being happy with the process :smiley:

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