Drumbrute with synths - concept

I created some nice patterns on my Drumbrute impact I wanted to record in Logic Pro while playing at least 1 keyboard live over it.

The Drumbrute is playing correctly, but as soon as I switch to another track in Logic to record, something wonderful and frustrating happens. The software instrument I just selected seems to “steal” notes from the Drumbrute pattern playing. It creates its own riffs, which can be really cool. But is it supposed to do that on it’s own?

I’d like to have the Drumbrute playing live and be able to switch between different software instruments in Logic. I have “auto-demix by channel” selected.

I can play a keyboard over it, but I’d like to turn that off or bypass it if it’s a feature. Maybe I’m missing the concept, it just might have introduced a feedback loop that I can’t seem to get rid of.

I’m working mostly at 96kHz without problem. When I hooked up the Drumbrute I got a few error messages in Logic out of sync 96.023 or something similar.

Thanks in advance.

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I would recommend setting the midi channel in your DAW to a specific channel for each midi device and also set the channel for transmit/receive on your instruments. This will ensure you are not passing midi to the DB inadvertently. This sounds like the issue you are dealing with.