Drumbrute Impact - Tom Low not playing

Picked up a Drumbrute Impact second hand, everything worked out of the box except for the Tom Low. Plugged it into Midi Control Center, updated the firmware, no change. Did a factory reset. No change. The midi console in Midi Control Center shows the midi signal being sent to the computer when I press the button, and it’s a different one than when on Tom Hi, so I know the function is swapping and sending. But there is literally no sound being played on the unit for Tom Low. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Hi @makoismycopilot and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this.

There are a couple of things you can do to try and figure out what’s happening here.

Firstly, i’d hook it up to a DAW to see if the pad is ok, try recording the midi from it, manual pages 100/107 and 104/107.

and to check which midi note it is on you can see the midi map here…

That will tell you if the pad is ok and sending midi info.

Then try the reverse and see if you can trigger the low tom sound via midi from your DAW, this will tell you if the pad is ok or not and if you can trigger the sound via midi but not the pad you’ll know there’s an issue with the pad.
If you can do neither then it could be an issue with the level pot possibly.

Once you’ve exhausted that you should know exactly what’s happening and what to do next, whether or not to contact the seller for a refund, if they didn’t tell you about the low tom issue, or support to see if they can help.


Midi data sends and receives. The LED on the pad flashes when midi trigger is sent from the debug tool I used (Pocket Midi). No sound is played on the DBI. Other drums trigger correctly both from pad and from midi out and play as expected, so it’s just the low tom. I’d be surprised if it was the level pot, since the hi tom functions appropriately and the level pot changed the volume for it. I suspect it’s just a hardware issue with the low tom.

HI @makoismycopilot and thanks for the reply.

Yeah it does sound like there’s a wire become disconnected or something similar within the unit.
There are a few options really, first you could contact the seller if they didn’t declare the issue when they offered it for sale, if it’s a private sale this might be more difficult; if it’s from a retailer then you should have some kind of statutory rights in your country regarding this. So you could ask for the unit to be either fixed, exchanged or a refund.
You could log in to your account to contact our support team to see if they can point you toward a licensed repair service for your area.
If you know of a decent electronics repair service in your area you could try them.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been in touch with Arturia support and its been passed on to the After Sales team, who I’m waiting to hear back from. It was an ebay purchase, so I’ve got 30 days of tinkering to decide if want to deal with returning. I’m torn, because I will /mainly/ be using it to sequence a sampler (via midi) -and- I don’t know that I’m all that heart broken about not having low tom. It would just be nice. I’m also not opposed to opening it up to peek under the hood and see if there’s anything really obviously amiss (cracked solder, loose connections, etc).

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HI @makoismycopilot and thanks for the update.

Great, it seems you have several options open to you to get a resolution you’re happy with.

Good to know!