Download errors, can't reach arturia servers?

I keep getting these errors trying to install V Collection 9 instruments. The rest of the internet seems to be working perfectly. The part of the internet that received payment for the V Collection worked very well.
CleanShot 2023-11-19 at 16.17.56

Is there something wrong with Arturia’s download servers?


– Jason

HI @jstaczek and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

I’ve just run ASC on my system and everything seems to be as it should.
I notice though that you posted 13 hours ago, so it’s possible that there might have been server maintenance occurring at that time.

Are you still experiencing this?

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Thanks for checking. It resolved about 15 minutes after I posted. Hard to say what it was.

Hi @jstaczek

Ok, that’s good to know!

Glad all is back to normal for you.