DoubleBass for EMU and Pigments

DoubleBass from E1 to E4 (a bit streched on higher end).
The original wav samples last longer and are louder. I don’t what’s being lost when importing into EMU. I’ll try with MicroFreak.

Emulator II_Preset_Contrebasse_20230915_16h15.emux (1.3 MB)

Short example:

For Pigments, with the same samples.
Pigments_Preset_ContreBasse_20230916_08h30.pgtx (3.2 MB)

Range: E3 to A4
The note length is right. The mapping forced (?) by Pigments goes from C octave to C octave. I had to tune higher slots (C and D) and they become less natural.
Short Pigments example:


Hey @francoise thanks for keep sharing your sounds with Pigments and EMU.

Keep exploring :zap:

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