Double trigger when recording drum sequencer in roller mode

Dear all,

I am using the Beatste Pro connected to Ableton 11. When I try to record the drum sequencer while holding the touchstrip in roller mode I am getting double notes the first time I press the pad. This does not happen when the record button is not active. I have factory reset and flashed again the firmware and same behavior.

Steps to reproduce (with roller mode active (in Control Mode, Shift + Step 9 is activated):

  • Go to drum seq.
  • Press play
  • Press record
  • Touch 1/16 on the strip
  • Press some pads

There is an extra trigger just at the beginning of the pad press.

Is there a way to solve it? Has someone experienced the same thing? Is this behavior normal or is something about my beatstep or interaction with Ableton?

Thank you very much,