Does the MatrixBrute's Sequencer Patterns button suppose to light up?

I noticed that the Sequencer’s Patterns button lights up for a split second when turning the MatrixBrute on. Does it suppose to light up when using it?

If you mean the matrix buttons then, yes, they do flash briefly when booting the instrument.

The default mode after booting is preset and preset A1 will be lit. To access sequencer mode, press the SEQ button beside the Preset button. Whether or not the buttons light up in SEQ mode depends on whether or not there is a sequence programmed for the current preset.

Thanks for the reply. The button that I was wondering about was the one labeled “Patterns” beside the “Link” button. It has a light but doesn’t seem to be used for anything specific.

If the Link button is on, the pattern associated with a preset is loaded when you choose that preset. With the Button preset, you can load any preset by hold Preset and choosing any of the 256 patterns.

Thanks Francois, but it’s not how to use the sequencer, but why there is a light on the button labeled “Patterns” I was wondering about. I know what it does but can’t see why there’s a light on it and what the light is associated with. It only seems to flash when powering up the MatrixBrute.

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