Does analog lab 5 replace analog lab 4?

Sorry for the undoubtedly stupid question but i am brand new to music production, and arturia etc.

Anyway, I am downloading my software, analog lab 5 has already installed, but analog lab 4 just refuses to install…is this because 5 replaces 4 or should both be available to install?


p.s. if relevant I am using an apple mac m1 2021

Hi @dazzerb123 . Welcome to the community.

I’m on Windows. I can install both alongside eachother.

However - i don’t think Analog Lab 4 is compatible with M1 processors. At least not in native mode. Also i’m not sure it can run on a newer MAC OS.

ALV can play all presets though. Enable “Include legacy sounds”, to include those presets, if you wish. I can’t tell, if you have any.

If you don’t have a particular reason to use Analog Lab 4 like if you have a Arturia controller, where you think it’s better to use that version, then Analog Lab V is just as good, and it include the newest applications presets created after Analog Lab 4. You have to use Analog Lab 5 for new applications and presets anyway.