Do all sound expansions work with analog lab pro?

Hi, currently I own V 8 collection. If I buy a sound preset bank that’s for a V collection instrument I don’t yet own, can I use it in Analog lab?


Hi @HobGoblyn .

Only the soundpacks that are for software instruments, and that you can see in Analog Labs instrument panel.

You can not open instruments you don’t own for deep editing inside Analog Lab, but you can use what’s in Analog Lab for those presets.
BTW if you don’t know: I seem to recall you mentioned someting about not being able to edit some CS-80 V4 presets since you don’t own the V¤ version. That’s correct but you can play and use the presets, so it’s the same.
Also you can in Analog Labs main menu enable “Include Legacy Sounds”, then you get access to your old sounds - like from CS-80 V3 in the new Analog Lab and can open your CS-80 V3 inside Analog Lab V PRO for deep editing.


Yeah I’m finding that they all work.

Though sometimes you don’t have the control over the reverb and/or delay level that you should. That drives me mad as many things can end up being too swamped with effects, but I do prefer most stuff on the drier side. Not sure if these are patches from the early days of not.

As LBH said, there are a handful of libraries that are specifically for hardware, but if you select Analog Lab Pro from the filter at the top, it should steer you clear of all those.

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Ooooooooh so turning on legacy sounds in menu will let me import Analog Lab 4 presets or am I misunderstanding what you are saying? Thank you for clarifying.

Hi @MadMohawk ,

Basicly yes. - You can find a small note in the ALV manual “W3.1.1.11. Include Legacy Sounds”.

If you allready have presets installed, then you don’t have to import anything. Just enable the Include Legacy Sounds.

Presets saved in Analog Lab format might give you a warning about ALV changes. Presets saved in the full applications format will work normal.

It’s really best to try it out to understand better. There are free soundpacks with legacy sounds inside like Past To The Future i believe. Those you can try to import in ALV.

Outstanding thank you for the info