Direct Input Monitoring

Hey Everyone,

Is there any way to set up direct input monitoring via the Control Center Matrix ?

I’m fearing no as I’ve been looking everywhere online and no mention of it in the manual. Seems like a fairly big omission unless it’s something in the pipeline on a firmware/software update. Makes a huge difference when recording vocals or DI’d guitar bass over a project.

Most interfaces have this option at least within the mixing software itself or even a hardware button/knob.

I use the Main mixer for this, and assign it to the speaker and headphone outputs.

OK I follow but…how are you then getting the backing track audible ?

Since you can only set one destination per input ? Are you able to share your mixer/ matrix settings ?

okaaayyyeee figured it out…thanks for pointing me in the right direction, config screengrabs below for anyone else lost like l was :slight_smile:


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Great! Mine is set up the same as yours now. I mute the inputs once they’re recorded and I want to play back from the DAW. It’s not as quick and convenient as a direct monitor button on the front panel, but with sixteen inputs (plus possibly more with ADAT) it’s a solution that scales well. Eventually, I’ll add a MIDI controller to make the workflow a bit smoother.

good call on the midi control and yeah tbh not a big deal to mute on the app…….love the interface I’m using my old one as the adat expander……the direct monitoring had me stressed there for a bit but now all good with the world haha thanks again !!

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