Did parameter assignment to VST-API change somewhere back in time?

Hi. I use automation of parameters a lot. I’ve noticed the following issue a few times now: When I reopen an older project in my DAW after a long period of time (here 1 to 1,5 years), the automation assignment to the parameters of several Arturia plugins has been changed. The automation of the DAW grabbed the wrong parameter of the plugin - or none at all. It seems to me that at some point in the past, a minor update of some Arturia plugins contained a change in the inner assignment of the plugin’s parameters to the VST API. I do not have any other conclusion. Unfortunately, I cannot go back in time to check out earlier minor versions of the plugins to check if my parameter mappings would work fine again when I reopen the plugin in an older version. In the Arturia Software Center I can only update the plugins - but not roll back to an earlier version. (And to avoid anybody mentioning what could seem obvious, I don’t talk about major updates - i.e. from V3 to V4 or so. I mean minor updates that are executed by clicking “Update” in the Software Center and that are documented in the Release Notes.) Did anybody else come across this issue?


I can’t reply your question.
If you want to test, then it’s possible to find older versions of the applications in the Archives on the download page here: Downloads & Manuals | Arturia - The Sound Explorers

Ah, great, thanks! I did not know there’s access to the former versions on the download page.