Deleting my patches by accidentally pressing the Preset/ Edit Encoder :(

Hi :slight_smile: I have a very simple feature request - it happens regularly to me that i want to edit something on the minifreak and by mistake (often assuming im still in the sub menu) i press the preset/ edit encoder and the whole patch is just gone immediately. would it be possible to add a little question before reloading the preset so one has to confirm to deleting the patch?
the edit encoder has a lot of uses once you start editing lfo shapes, macro controllers and so on and it would be great if it would be a bit more forgiving to pressing it in the wrong moment without losing the whole patch everytime…

thank you for your great work!

This is what the Snapshot feature is for:

View Snapshots: shows a list of Snapshots of previous edits, which can be
reloaded to recover from mistakes you couldn’t fix otherwise. Snapshot takes a
“picture” of the current state of the machine, a bit like a save state. These are time
stamped, meaning if you see one that says " 1:22:26" it means that 1h22min26s
after the machine has started, a snapshot has been taken. Loading a snapshot
will take you back to the state of the machine according to the time selection.

You can read more in the User Manual :
“4.5. Sound Edit operations”
“11.2.10. Sound Edit > Preset”


thank you for the advice - i didn’t know about this feature :slight_smile: