DAW controlls not working in Windows Pro Tools

I have connected an Arturia Keylab 61 keyboard to my PC system.

Protools receives midi notes and I can play virtual instruments okay.

The DAW controls on the keyboard, however, do nothing. I have setup Pro Tools as suggested on a YouTube video , and some other places as shown in the images below.

I have also setup the Keylab also shown below.

When the midi controllers section is setup in Pro Tools, the virtual instruments stops working and no midi note data appears to be getting through.

I have restarted the PC and keyboard numerous times without effect.

Any ideas?

I have more images but can only include 1

Other images

Hi @AndyDowns . Welcome to the community.

I can’t see if you have selected wrong for the recieve from and send to settings.
(I also wonder why the selection you have apparantly is emulated. But never mind, i will probably not understand it.)
On Windows you should select the Keylabs MIDI2 option it look like.
Have a look at this: https://support.arturia.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405748362002-KeyLab-MkII-Tips-Tricks

Hope this helps.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you LBH.

I’ve tried play and stop so far and they both work, but I get this error after a few seconds.

The document you’ve reference doesn’t mention it and I can’t find any mention of it.
I could just tick ‘do not display again’, but would rather understand why it is happening and solve it properly.

Any ideas?

I wondered about the ‘emulated’ bit as well :thinking:

Hi again Andy,

So you are using the MIDIIN2 and MIDIOUT2 in ProTools peripherals?
It’s still showing it’s emulated?

To me it look like the error messgea tell something in the communication to this peripheral is wrong.

Perhaps also check the USB connection between your controller and the computer. Test with a direct connection and perhaps another USB port.
Just some thoughts.

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With regard to the “lost communication” dialog, I did some poking into HUI internals a while back as a research project. There is a sort of “ping/pong” or heartbeat communication that usually happens between the HUI controller and the Pro Tools host. Arturia controllers (and many others, they’re not alone) don’t do the “pong” as expected, so Pro Tools assumes they’re offline and throws this error, even if their connection is fine. The missing heartbeat doesn’t affect HUI control working the way it should. You’re safe to not show the dialog box again and dismiss it.

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Yes, I used MIDIIN2 and MIDIOUT2 and for some reason they both show emulated. I had messed about with using different ports but it had no effect.
Looks like stikster has the answer.

Thanks for your help and taking the time to answer. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks stikster that explains it.
I carried on using it and okaying the error dialogue each time and as you say worked okay.
I’ll now tick to not show the error message and forget all about it.
Thanks for your help. :+1::slightly_smiling_face: