CZ V, SysEx transfers and Casio CZ keyboards

In the CZ V I can import SysEx files, but can I export them too?

Wondering if it’s possible to transfer sounds between my Casio CZ-1000 and CZ V, or use the CZ V as a kind of librarian for the synth. I don’t mean like the level of integration the Minifreak and software version have, but a simple transfer would be amazing. Obviously, an exported SysEx file would be a simplified version if the preset was originally developed in CZ V to make it compatible with the synth, but could this work?

Hi @Mr_Slaughterback ,

It’s unfortunately not possible to export sysex from CZ V.

please can this be a feature

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Just imagine if Arturia could include some kind of communication between the emulations they release and the original hardware. That would be perfect!