CZ V patch sounds very different in host

Hi. Okay, Mac Mini, Latest Ventura.

An odd thing happened with a CZ V patch when I opened it hosted via Komplete Kontrol (just the software, not the controller, I like to use it, just searching for sounds with it). The factory patch Traveller sounds quite different hosted there than in CZ V or V Collection. I really like the way it sounds there, by the way, but I’ve never had a patch sound different at all in another host.

I checked and it is the exact same patch, effects, etc. And if the macros got changed or change somehow, I can’t see it. This isn’t exactly a problem — i kinda want to use the patch, I’ll just do it in Logic, open and use the patch in Komplete Kontrol. But it made me curious and wondered if anyone else has ever had this happen with V Collection, patches sounding different.

Michael VH


When you are in Komplete control, then you are using NKS files. You are out of Arturias preset system. Apparantly the NKS preset have the Brightness macro turned down. Set it to the same level as the original, and it will sound the same.

To me Arturias browers are way better than Komplete Kontrols.
Also Arturias presets system make it possible to share presets between Analog Lab and the original full applications. That’s not possible with NKS.



Wow, thank you so much. It’s amazing not only that people are so helpful and know these things but that you took the time to write. I appreciate it a lot.

I had no idea of that- this was the first time I’ve noticed a real change in a patch. Opening V collection stuff in Komplete is a little wonky but it helps get me out ruts, just browsing in an unusual way. I won’t get to it today, but I want to try to use what you wrote to see, and then I’ll know if it happens again what to do.

The patch honestly was way way too bright as-is in the V collection/Analog Lab, I would’ve gone right past it if I was auditioning there. It’s very different in Komplete Kontrol NKS, and I really liked it. I thought it may be an issue with macros but I wasn’t figuring out by trial and error. Now I’ll know where to focus.

Thanks so much for your help and time.


You’re very welcome.