Cubase Integration issues

My findings using Cubase 13 with the Arturia KeyLab Essential 61 mk3.

I am using your „KeyLab Essential 61 mk3 Cubase DAW Integration Script“ version 1.3.1 dated Feb. 2024.

1st finding:

When I restart Cubase 13 the display on the midi controller just shows „DAWs“ all the time.


After using the „MIDI Remote Manager“ in Cubase to re-import (overwrite) the integration script the display shows the information about the selected track…

BUT, if i move a fader or encoder the display shows the fader amount and then goes back into the mode where the display shows „DAWs“ only.


After doing everything mentioned in „2nd finding“ I have to press the „Prg“-button on the midi controller twice to toggle between „Arturia“ and „DAWs“ – mode

I can use the faders and encoders, showing the right amount and after a second it shows the right information about the selected track again.

I think that this is due to an initialisation routine that is not working properly.

Any help is appriciated

Nobody else with this problem?