Create 'instrument-like' presets with Pigments 4?

Hi there,

I’m quite new to sound design and want to both learn how to create specific sounds, how to make the best of Pigments and create some ‘made my own’ sounds for my music.
In the beginning I want to focus on the Analog and Wavetable engines to learn about their specific possibilities and limitations.

The idea is to create sound that are quite near to real instruments (like strings, flutes, sax, E-piano etc.) but that I can modify as I wish.

Currently I wanted to reproduce a Vital- tutorial in which they created a beautiful Wurlitzer-like sound (you can hear it right at the beginning of the tutorial):

I used Vital to create the Wavetable (there is no wavetable-editor in Pigments yet, right?) and imported it successfully into Pigments, but then I failed to continue because I don’t know how to achieve the ‘Phase Formant’ effect (at minute 3) and the ‘Unison smear’ effect. :disappointed: So I didn’t even try the other steps.

Am I on the wrong track?
How would I proceed to create such a beautiful Wurlitzer-like sound within Pigments (ideally only with the analog or Wavetable engine)?

Any tips or examples of similar presets (based on Analog or Wavetable) are very much appreciated!


Hallo Stefan,
your question is how to do a) Formant Modulation and b) Unison modulation in Pigments.

There’s a tutorial on Phase Modulation. Unison detune would presumably procede in the same manner.

Personally, I would chose a Pigments preset I like and modify it to get the sound I want. For example, Pigments 4 bank Scrapyard Piano by Gustavo Bravetti would be a good starting point for me. I would tweak it, use the Multiband Compressor instead of the simple one and add tremolo by dragging the output Volumes to LFO1 and adjusting for Rate, Fade. It does not take a big Volume value to get the tremolo effect.

I’m not a Pigments expert (it’s powerful and comlpex) and I have Pianoteq Rhodes, Wurly, Hohner pianos so I never tried to emulate a Wurly in Pigments. Hope someone more knowledgeable can help.

Thank you for the great tips!
I will try that out.

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