Crashing Midi Control Center

Trying to get midi control center to work with MicroFreak Stellar.
It crashes when I try to open i on my mac. I have a 2019 mac running BigSur.
I have tried connecting the keyboard via midi before launch.
I have an older version of midi control center on that machine and that runs, but omits all the fun stuff required for working with Microfreak, (although I could back up my freak)
How new does a mac need to be to work with the software, because I relly dont consider my mac to be old at all?


HI @markfrancombe and welcome to the Sound Explorers Forum.

Yes that does seem a little odd, i’m a PC user myself, so am not too familiar with Mac OS, are you running an older version perhaps?

If you’re up to date OS wise it might be worth logging in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap:

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Hi @matjones
I sussed it out, You sound like you are working for Arturia so I thought Id come back and report this.
I simply downloaded the wrong thing!
When you arrive at the Arturia downloads page (which is a bit huge to be honest, and an endless scroll, hard for us dyslexics) you might be tem+lted to search for midi control center, or start scrolling. If ypu do ypu almost immedaitly come to
“midi control center unified.” The fact that its under the heading for _Analog V The experience, is not an issue as ypu only own this one thing, maybe this is just “snazzy hip talk”. That software DOES NOT WORK…
If however you use the drop down menu and hop to the actual entry for _midi control center, OR scroll carefully got 10 minutes without blinking, then yes, THEN ypou can find it and it works.
Sorry to the support dept that I have written this to, Ill paste this to them whenthey rerspond.
But thx for ypu help anyhow!


HI @markfrancombe and thanks for the response.

No i don’t work for Arturia, none of us ‘external moderators’ do, you can tell by our user icons, Arturia staff all use the same user icon, whereas we have our own individual ones with the Arturia ‘flair’ added.

Thanks for the feedback on the downloads section, i know Arturia are always wanting feedback on this kind of thing, i know there are one or two colour blind people that are feeding info back regarding their conditions too.
Nothing to apologise for there, you’ve explained your situation perfectly and thanks for doing so!