Crash upon boot: what now? Can I uninstall without losing an activation?

I upgraded Pigments and Analog Labs through the Arturia Software Center to the latest version, and since then both synths immediately crash as soon as they’re loaded in.

I’m using Reaper on Windows 10. I recently updated to Reaper 7 and Pigments was working fine until I did the fatal update through the ASC. After that, when I load in Pigments, Reaper immediately crashes, which is quite a feat given its stability! I have tried other VST hosts as well, but the issue persists :confused:

I have tried reinstalling through the ASC but that didn’t solve it. I see there is an “Uninstall” button, but I’m a bit fearful. If I uninstall (and completely remove all trace of Pigments and Analog Labs from my computer), and then reinstall, will I lose an activation?

Waiting for support to get back to me, but I thought I’d ask about the activations here.

Hi @colouredmirrorball . Welcome to the community.

No you will not loose an activation.

The 5 activations just mean you can activate the Arturia software on 5 computers at a time.

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Hi @colouredmirrorball and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

You’ll be relieved to hear that all you need to do is to log into your user account and you will be able to deactivate any licences you have from there, dead simple! :sunglasses:


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Thank you for these replies! It seems I misunderstood how activations work.

Fortunately a complete wipe of all Arturia related software and a reinstall fixed it. Am now back throwing paint at sound.


Hi again @colouredmirrorball and thanks for updating us on your situation.
That’s great news!
Good to see you back up and running properly.