CPU overload Ableton 11, software plugins

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J’adore les plugins du logiciel (collection et pigments), j’ai aussi un Minifreak. Cependant, mon logiciel est complètement inutilisable à cause de la charge CPU incroyablement élevée dans ableton 11. Je travaille sous windows sur un ASUS studio pro avec 48 g de ram, windows 11 / 64, Intel Core™ i7 - 9750H CPU @ 2.6 GH. J’utilise également un Arturia Minifuse 2. Ma mémoire tampon est élevée (2048 échantillons) et mon taux d’échantillonnage est de 44100. J’ai TOUT supprimé dans le gestionnaire de tâches. Même avec une seule instance de pigments et une simple piste midi, le CPU atteint 70 à 80% et s’arrête. Tout ce qui est modérément plus complexe est facilement à 100 % et plus de … J’ai vu ce problème sur de nombreux forums… mais quelqu’un a-t-il trouvé une solution ?

I really like collection and pigments i also have a Minifreak. My software though is completely unusable due to the increadably high CPU load in ableton 11. I work in windows on an ASUS studio pro with 48 g of ram, windows 11 / 64, Intel Core™ i7 - 9750H CPU @ 2.6 GH. I am also using an Arturia Minifuse 2. My buffer is high (2048 samples) and my sample rate is 44100. I cut EVERYTHING out in task manager. Even with only one instance of pigments and a simple midi track the CPU peaks to 70 - 80% and cuts out. Anything moderately more complex is easily @ 100% and over……. I’ve seen this issue around in a lot of forums…… but has anyone found any solutions?

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Hi @Patrick_Harrop . Welcome to the community.

Your CPU is’nt the most powerful. It does’nt have a high base frequency.It should be quite usable for many things. But you can’t exspect it can handle anything. I have no idea how much you ask it to run.

Are you sure you use Arturias ASIO driver for your minifuse?

A buffer of 2048 samples is not usable for realtime recording. I do find it strange you can’t mix a lot with this buffer size. I don’t know is Ableton Live have settings that cause high CPU usage.
For example some Pigments presets may cause you issues in real time playing with for example a buffer of 256 samples.

Are you sure you run your computer in high performance mode, at nothing is running in the background that use the CPU’s capacity?

I’m not sure what you mean by solutions. There is’nt any magic. You can only set up your system correct and have a powerful computer. You can’t change software that use much CPU power.

Based on the available informations that’s what i can do.

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