Controlling the knobs from a MIDI controller in Garageband

I am finding it a bit tricky to tweak the macro knobs on screen while playing, and I have an M-Audio Oxygen Pro 25 keyboard which has 8 rotary knobs. At the moment they all seem to do the same thing: pan left to right. Is there any way that I can get these knobs to map onto the Color, Time, Motion etc. on-screen knobs of Augmented Strings (or other Arturia packages like Analog Lab V)?
Thank you!

From what I can see online, GarageBand doesn’t allow you to do MIDI mapping for virtual instrument controls. They only offer that in Logic.

Thank you! I guess I should not complain too much about a free app…
I had been looking further myself as well, and it seems it used to be possible on earlier versions of GB and with a plug in, but apparently no longer. I am surprised there is nothing on the M-Audio website about this, though.