Controlling relative volume of Chrome Browser vs Piano V3

I have Piano V both 2 and 3. Keylab 88 mk2

Audient ID14 driving a pair of YSM-8 studio monitors.

Say I take the German Grand, set volume to be 0 DB which is about 3 o’clock on the knob position.

Now adjust the audient to get a reasonable forte.

This makes is hard to play pp. Fine. Decrease the dynamic from it’s 12 o’clock position to 9 oclock. That makes pp into mf. Oops. Let’s try 3 o’clock.

Good. I can now get a good pp and a good ff.

Go play a youtube video, and I’m blasted out of the house.

Let’s try turn up PianoV to max of 12 db and turn Audient down.

That still leaves youtube uncomfortably loud.

I’m on Mac High Sierra. Is there a better way to control web volume vs Piano V3 volume.



In short and keeping it simple for the situation to play along with in example a Youtube video.

The output from a sound application like Piano V3 should never exceed 0db. It will distort, if the signal go over 0db.
Setting the Master Volume in Piano V3 does’nt prevent a higher output than the set level, so you need to check the output level.

To balance a Youtube video with your Piano V3 - set the volume of the Youtube video you watch.
(It’s the same with any other video or audio player on the web.)

I’m not on MAC, so i don’t know, if there is a way to to set a master volume for the browser it self. But even then you can exspect to change volumens for different videos and audio files, as not all have the same volume.

YouTube videos will play at a maximum of approximately -13LUFS. That’s always going to be perceivably louder than unmastered audio, such as playing live on your piano V, or any other V instrument for that matter.

One of the benefits of MacOS is that all the apps play directly through Core Audio with no pre-processing. That’s great in terms of both audio quality and the almost complete lack of latency (Windows users often still requiring third-party audio-driver solutions such as ASIO4ALL is something Mac users struggle to believe is still ‘a thing’), but one distinct drawback of the Mac approach is the lack of an audio mixer to control the volume of individual apps. The only thing you can do is turn down the volume of your YouTube videos from within your browser. Your browser should memorise the volume slider position, from video to video and from session to session. But like @LBH said, you will probably still need to make adjustments because not all videos are the same volume.