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Ive got the hang of most functions on the KSP but I’m struggling with the control track working the way I expect it to. Can someone clarify the following:

  • [ ] Is it possible to have different midi CCs on each track or is there only one set of CCs for all tracks?
  • [ ] Does the port matter? Is it possible to send out a different set of CCs via a different port?
    Apologies if this is obvious to some but I can’t work it out from the manual. Thanks in advance.

KSP, MC-101, Minologue XD, Korg NTS-1

Hi JimF,

pleased to make your aquaintance. Some nice devices you’ve got there!
Asking others for help and advice is not a bad thing at all.

Hopefully I’ll be able to answer your questions.
Not a pro at this, myself.

Is it possible to have different midi CCs on each track or is there only one set of CCs for all tracks?

You’re talking about using the knobs for midi CC, right?

Well, you can set the knobs to different midi tracks.
But it’s not: 4 Tracks and 5 CCs per track
You’ll have to decide on which track you want to use very knob.
Also, have in mind: There is only one Control Track (for recording all CC modulation)

Please have a look at the manual, page 151 (link to english manual) or at the FAQ page.
There, have a look at the last question: Can I send CC#s to two synths responding on different midi channels?

Does the port matter? Is it possible to send out a different set of CCs via a different port?

Most of this might have been answered already. If you’re trying use a knob on multiple devices, you’ll have to make sure, no other device responds to that CC# (number).

To give an example:
You want to open up the filter on two synths.

  • Both these synths have to respond on the same midi channel (example Ch07) and the command (CC-number) on this channel.
  • Set the knob that should control the filter to Ch07 (to send on this channel) and which control command it should send (the number)

Now comes the fiddly part:
Let’s assume, both your synths are already configured to midi channel 07 (Ch07).

  • Your NTS’ cutoff-filter receives on Ch07-CC05 of and the Minilogues cutoff-filter receives on Ch07-CC13. It’s like different dialects of the same language.
  • You need to remap the Minilogues cutoff-filter-CC from Ch07-CC13 to Ch07-CC05. This way, both synths cutoff-filter would respond to Ch07-CC05.

Also, make sure that the Minilogue has no other component/ feature responding to Ch07-CC05. If so, than you’ll have to find another free CC-number for that too (you’ll probably find some free ones within the manual of the Minilogue).

You can almost always, just google for " ‘SynthName’ midi implementaion chart"
Then you’ll get an overview how and to what every synths CC responds.


P.s.: You’ll also find another example of multiple CCs configs within the manual, at page 151.
Right underneath the chart, there’s a text description.

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Thanks for this incredibly detailed answer and links to the manual. Ok I think I get it - there is ONE control track so one set of 5 midi CCs can be sent. But you’ve said something else that is very interesting - that midi parameters for synths can be remapped - have I got this right? I can remap the CC that controls cutoff on my minilogue to another CC that I prefer? I will go and look through the manual. I thought the midi maps that came with any synth were fixed to the channels set by the manufacturer.
Whatever the case thanks again for you time and knowledge.

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Hey @CouldBeAName

Great to see you’ve made it over here to our new Sound Explorers Forum.

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Yes. You have four different tracks (for four instruments) and can decide which knob should work on which midi channel. Even, if it is another instrument not being controlled by a KSP track within the midi chain.
But all these modulations will/ can (only) be recorded to this one control track.

Well, yes and no. Let’s call it a tie. :wink:

I made a mistake within my explanation.
Generally speaking, you’re right about that. I choose a bad example (and may be I’m a little spoiled by my own gear).
Such things hardly depend on the manufacturers vision and design.
Some parameters are common standard among manufacturers and some aren’t.

You’ll be less bound to these CC-Values with digital and software instruments.
I.e. Arturias Software instruments CC-values can ( I believe) completely remapped.

If it really needs to be the same midi channel, the key to this is understanding how modulation works on your devices.

I only took a look at the midi implementation chart of the Minilogue XD:
| Bn | 2b (43) | vv (vv) | CUTOFF (vv=0~127) 5-25-4|

…and the NTS:
CC 42,43,44 | O | O | FilterType (42), CutOff(43), Resonance(44)

Well, look at that! You’re lucky. :slight_smile:
In this case you can set both of them to the same midi channel 07 (or whatever channel you like) and on the KSP set on knob to Ch07-CC43 and you’re good to go!
be aware of the other CC Parameters on the other knobs as well. Both synths will react to that.

@matjones , please correct me, if I’m wrong. You guys are the experienced ones. :wink:
Also, long time, no see!

BUT, for the sake of learning, let’s assume, one of your Monologue has the 42 instead of 43.
I would look for a “bridge parameter”. There’s probably a specific noun to that.
Back to the Monologues midi chart, 2. part - Receiving:

| Bn | 01 (01) | vv (vv) | Modulation1 (Joystick +Y, vv=0~127) *5-2 |
| Bn | 02 (02) | vv (vv) | Modulation2 (Joystick -Y, vv=0~127) *5-2 |
| Bn | 62 (98) | vv (vv) | NRPN (LSB) *3 *5-2 |
| Bn | 63 (99) | vv (vv) | NRPN (MSB) *3 *5-2 |
NPRN - Non Registered Parameter Number
| Bn | 76 (118)| vv (vv) | CV IN1 (vv=0~127) 5-25-5 |
| Bn | 77 (119)| vv (vv) | CV IN2 (vv=0~127) 5-25-5|

I would look for free CCs within the midi charts of both synth.
Also 98 and 99 aren’t set on the NTS.

  • So I would send (from KSP-knob) Ch07-CC99 towards both synths and…
  • …now I go program the Minilogue: “Yo! Let the CutOff (CC42) be modulated by CC99!”.
  • And the same goes for the NTS: “And you, let your CutOff (CC43) be modulated by CC99.”

So you modulate something empty that in the second step will then modulate the cutoff of your synths.

I don’t know, if a NRPN can be used that way. But it’s mostly trail-and-error, anyway.

I do not know, if this would work out for your synths, since I don’t know how deep you can go with these devices. I have saved up for a ASM Hydrasynth and that synth has a lot of leeway in many aspects.

Another less tiresome way (including to spend some money) is to get an additional controller.
A Behringer X-Touch/ BCR2000 could work without a PC and just needs to be at the beginning or right behind your KSP within the midi chain.
If your KSP is connected to a computer and also receives midi a Midi Fighter Twister might be a good addition. Seemed to have made a name for itself. Also, pretty small, transportable, free programmable and the encoders can have two functions:
One basic and one that will be adressed when pushing the encoder.

Kind regards.

Hope, I did not confuse you too much.

Just to mention it:

Arturia released a new firmware version for the KSP, yesterday - 2.5.14
Haven’t installed it, yet.

So I might need to make corrections on my first response.

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Thanks for letting me know. I will install this soon and review all the new stuff.

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Any news?