Control Pigments with MiniFreak? (solved)

Hi there,

until I received my new MiniFreak 2 days ago, I mostly used Pigments (which I still love!) controlled by MiniLab 3 or KeyLab MK2 61 (mostly in FL Studio).

I must say I am very impressed by the difference it makes to have all the knobs and buttons I need just on one panel in front of me. Love it! :musical_keyboard::control_knobs::notes::heart:

Then the idea came whether it would be possible to control Pigments with the MiniFreak hardware, so I could create a knob-mapping that would allow me to control the most important knobs in Pigments with the available knobs of the MiniFreak.

After testing a bit (both standalone and in FL) it seems to me that MF doesn’t send any Midi-data when buttons are pressed or knobs are turned.
Keybed is working, Modwheel slider doesn’t.

Am I missing something?
Is there a way to convince Minifreak to just behave as a Midi controller?


I found out what I was missing:
In the utility-menu I had to enable to send midi data via USB and set the Midi out port to 10 (as expected by Pigments).
Now it works! :grinning: