Constant Need to Log into Software Center

Can Arturia do something about the software constantly losing log-in and popping up a log-in dialog whenever you load a Plug-in or Effect?

This seems like a relatively new issue (since 2024), because this didn’t happen before - or at least not every other day like it’s happening now.

Happens on three computers here. PC and Mac. OS doesn’t seem to matter.

The software has become practically unusable, offline, for any reasonable period of time.

I literally just opened the Software Center while writing this post and I was signed out again. Third day in a row.

Have you checked the ASC troubleshoot page?

Hi @Trensharo,

If the popup say something about activation, then be sure your products is activated.

If you are offline, then perhaps try offline activation.

Also you can try to reinstall ASC. Perhaps uninstall first. restart your computer before installing.

If this or the troubleshooting @Sean_W suggest does’nt help, then please contact Arturia support.

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It’s not an activation issue.

It’s the software constantly logging itself out.

Once I log back into Software Center again, the dialog automatically disappears and the other software utilizes that login.

But the software is constantly logging itself out, both on macOS and Windows, across three separate machines.

The login used to persist, but now it doesn’t anymore.

I’ve already tried uninstalling multiple times. It still happens.

Every day, same story…

Indeed very strange @Trensharo . Especially as it’s on multiple computers.

I must understand, that you are online, and you do not log out of ASC yourself. But you are being logged out of ASC.

I assume you have administrator rights on your computers that’s not changed from before when things worked.

Do you have a common security system running on all your computers that can be responsible for this? Including a possible security system from your internet supplier.

I don’t think i have more ideas that’s not allready suggested in this thread.

Have you contacted Arturia support like i suggested?

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The only thing that has changed is Arturia Software Center was updated.

I log into Software Center and it loses the log-in, sometimes within the same session while I’m sitting at the PC, and almost always within a 24 hour period. So, any time I open an Arturia FX or Virtual Instrument they run in Demo Mode unless I log in again. And I have to check this every time I open up a session to prevent any surprises.

Software Center runs as Admin by default on Windows PCs, you get a UA prompt.

“Run As Administrator” basically does the same thing, so it doesn’t improve anything.

That cannot be the issue, though, because it does the same thing on my MacBook Pro.

I think it’s strange. I’m sorry you have this issue. I don’t know of others having this issue. But if anyone have it, then please chip in. Perhaps Arturia support can help further. Good luck.

Hi Trensharo,
perhaps it is a stupid idea, but you wrote that have re-installed ASC several times. Did you register your software again? I had the same machine registered in my account last year. But I have to admit, I never struggled with the ASC like you do.

Had you checked the number of registrations and which computers are connected in your Arturia account? Perhaps the five slots are all in use?

Welcome to the community @VarthDader.

I can add: I know you @Trensharo have said it’s not about activations. But hou could try to deactivate the products in ASC and then activate them again. Just in case.

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