Connect regular GUI lag (4 sec interval)

Before I ask support, has anyone else had this problem?

With Connect on the latest version supporting the 3.0.2 Brute, every 4 seconds the GUI lags for 2 seconds, sometimes causing jumpy operation on the Brute as well as knobs are moved. It does so in both standalone and inside Ableton.

The only other Arturia plugin that also does this is the older Jupiter v3 that I still have in demo mode for a few projects for brief playbacks. None of my other up-to-date plugins from V-Collection have this interface delay.

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Hey everyone… wanted to provide an update, as I figured it out. Support helped me edit the PolyBrute Connect’s log.conf file to generate a log to the desktop while running, and inside the log there were clear bursts of warnings about how Connect could not seem to write some 3rd party presets metadata or something to the db.db3 file properly, yet it continued to try, causing the lag.

After deleting the offending presets, Connect 3 started operating smoothly again. The strange thing is that the offending presets were part of another preset pack from a different synth: the Matrix 12-V.

My guess is some of the general performance problems in the past with presets and Arturia plugins is that they share a common database file.

I’d like to request that in a future version they all have their own db.db3 if it is possible (licensing, etc.), so there cannot be cross contamination like this, with them seemingly having to deal with each other’s preset entries in the common file.

Time to get back to Brutin’!! Wow, I love this synth.



That’s doable for PolyBrute Connect, but not for any other synth.
Because AnalogLab needs the info of all or our different plugins.

I may have an idea to avoid the issue you’ve had, I will add it in our todo.
Thanks for posting the answer !