Connect drumbrute impact with a dj mixer channel like Xone 92

Hello everyone.

I’ve had the Drumbrute Impact for a few hours now and am wondering how I can connect it to a channel with my Xone mixer. As an old user of the Roland TR 8 and 6s series, I was used to having two 6.3 mm connections for the output and then modifying them to RCA with an extra cable. Does it mean that in order to get the output of the drum brute via the mix output in my mixer, do I need a cable that has a 6.3 mm output and then splits it into two inputs with RCA? sorry for the question. but the concept is still new to me. Thanks.

HI @Thomas.Waschko and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

After several scans through the manual, it doesn’t actually state whether the main output is stereo or mono/TRS or TS, as there’s no pan pots on the DBI i would assume it’s mono, so only needs one channel.
A 1/4 inch/6.3mm jack to RCA should be just fine, alternatively, i’m not sure which Xone mixer you have, but you could use one of the return jacks instead if you’re not using them.


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@Thomas.Waschko I’ve connected mine to a couple mixers using TS/TRS cables from the Main output and didn’t really seem to make a difference.

Since most likely output is mono, you can use any compatible cable and should work OK.
Just make sure not to use any phantom power on that channel as it might cause damages to the unit.