Concept Product - VA and native synth performer keyboard

Very much appreciate new products hitting the market, however, it’s always encouraging to keep one eye on the past.

I know there are some small inroads from other competitors into featuring hardware synths/keyboards that can load plug-out virtual analog synths.

It would be exciting to see an Arturia synth/controller that also featured a native OS and supporting hardware that could load a formidable array of modules from the V collection.
DJ controllers have been on the market featuring storage and sizeable displays.
Is there scope to develop/market a hardware unit for the performers market that dispenses with the need for a separate brain (laptop/MacBook).
It would be impossible to facilitate every control facet for vintage VST/hardware, that being said a selection of common pots and sliders that light up for a particular VST when it is active. Perhaps an option to keyboard split so that one VST has the bass section and the other has the mid/upper range?

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