Compatibility with Dorico

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know if the KeyLab Essential MKIII can be compatible with Dorico?
If so, is there a preset that can be integrated with the Arturia Software?

Thanks, Nicolas.

Hi @NicolasJC. Welcome to the community.

I will assume Keylab Essential MK3 show up as a midi device in Doricos preferences, when it’s connected to the computer. Then it can be used.
But what excactly do you mean by “compatible”?

I don’t know about Dorico. But i also don’t know about any controller that’s especially made for Dorico.

Hi @LBH Thanks for the reply.

Dorico is a notation software from Steinberg. Compatible as in would it have functions like when rotating the main toggle on the new Arturia screen, would it have the function of selecting notes and such things making it easier and using the mouse less frequent? There are no controllers, to my knowledge that are made for any notation software but just saying it would be great if it did exist!

Keylab Essential send midi CC, MIDI note, Velocity, Pitchbend and program change messages. It also send Mackie messages.
But what this can be used for depend on what can be controlled by this in Dorico by this.

You shall not exspect Keylabs or any other controllers display show you graphical schematics like a function chart from Dorico. if that’s what you are looking for.

You should for example be able to play MIDI notes on the controller, so the the performance will be recorded and notated in Dorico.
What more can be done require knowledage about Dorico to know.
Keylab Essential has the functionality it have, and can be read about in the available documentation. For this functionality Keylab Essential MK3 will do just as well as other midi controllers for Dorico.

I believe a normal computer (qwerty) keyboard can be used to control many things in Dorico.

I can’t help more than this.
Perhaps ask Steinberg, if you can’t find informations.