Compatibility issues with Ableton and pigments 5

Saying Compatability doesnt feel 100% accurate ive encounted that of Pigments Tabs(Play, Synth, FX and SEQ) only Play runs smothly in Ableton, the others cause the Plugin to be “Laggy” as in stuttery and unresponsive in its UI after a couple seconds, making it even hard to close out of. Its works perfectly in Fl studio though. Animation and such still seem to be active as well as the sounds but otherwise

I have the same problem. Opening pigments in ableton and pigments is extremely laggy to the point of unresponsive. Sound plays fine though when pressing keys and modulatsor animations also update although quite laggy. Its unusable.

Hi @AVAMAY and @skydave . Welcome to the community.

I don’t use Ableton Live. So i can’t rule out there is a DAW specific issue.
I can suggest you contact Arturia support through your account, if you wish.

I haven’t noticed any problems in Ableton. We may be able to provide better help if you provide more details about your system - the OS and version you are using, Ableton version, Pigments version, etc.