Compatibility issues with Ableton and pigments 5

Saying Compatability doesnt feel 100% accurate ive encounted that of Pigments Tabs(Play, Synth, FX and SEQ) only Play runs smothly in Ableton, the others cause the Plugin to be “Laggy” as in stuttery and unresponsive in its UI after a couple seconds, making it even hard to close out of. Its works perfectly in Fl studio though. Animation and such still seem to be active as well as the sounds but otherwise

I have the same problem. Opening pigments in ableton and pigments is extremely laggy to the point of unresponsive. Sound plays fine though when pressing keys and modulatsor animations also update although quite laggy. Its unusable.

Hi @AVAMAY and @skydave . Welcome to the community.

I don’t use Ableton Live. So i can’t rule out there is a DAW specific issue.
I can suggest you contact Arturia support through your account, if you wish.

I haven’t noticed any problems in Ableton. We may be able to provide better help if you provide more details about your system - the OS and version you are using, Ableton version, Pigments version, etc.

have you found a solution for it since then?

Sorry it’s been a while. the issue still persists. I use windows version 22H2. and Ableton 11.2.6 and Pigments What i also have found is that ableton causes the issue even if pigments is opened as a standalone application. and as ive mentioned it occurs in every of the tabs the exception being “Play”

Hello, I have been researching this defect for the past 2-3 months on and off. I have discovered a few details.

  • I initially noticed this defect when Arturia introduced their new preset selector window.
  • The defect is not apparent while running Arturia plugins in standalone mode
  • The defect is temporarily not apparent while pressing the windows key on Windows 11.
  • The defect is temporarily not apparent while opening the task manager via the ctrl+shit+esc keys
  • Here’s a weird one, while I was trying to record a video of this defect (using the snipping tool on Windows) to post on different forums to ask for help, the defect was not apparent at all completely.

I hope this provides enough information for the Arturia developers to investigate this defect further.

Personal note: The presence of this defect has certainly been a significant impediment to my workflow, causing considerable frustration. Investigating and addressing this issue has been far from enjoyable, and the mere thought of loading an Arturia plugin can be quite exasperating. As a paying customer who has invested substantially in the Arturia V Collection 9 and Pigments, it’s disheartening to see my investment compromised by such a defect. This is just not acceptable, guys.

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My solution

I thought about the reply I left yesterday the whole day. The clue which gave away why this was happening was the discovery of using snipping tool to record the defect. This led me to speculate that Windows likely employs specialized graphics processing when screen recording is active.

Initially, I suspected the problem might be linked to hardware acceleration settings. However, after extensive investigation, I abandoned this line of inquiry, as neither Arturia nor Ableton offers user-configurable options for GPU-related tasks.

While messing around with the NVIDIA control panel, I finally solved this defect locally. I had to restore my NVIDIA control panel 3D settings to their default values. Though I’m uncertain which specific parameter required adjustment for the fix, I can now utilize Arturia software without encountering any performance issues like lag, freezing, or stuttering.

Feel free to test this solution out. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you. It would be hard for me to debug, but I can try my best to help others resolve their side of the issue.

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What an amazing line of thought and analysis! :+1:

Out of curiosity I just tried to reproduce the problem on my system: doesn’t happen, all is working smoothly.

I am on a Microsoft Surface Studio laptop, which (I guess) has some Intel graphics.
Ableton 12 Intro.

Thank you for your effort StefanS,

my guess would be that this defect only emerges on machines equipped with NVIDIA GPU’s, when the setting is not correctly set according to Ableton’s specifications. One setting that sticks out to me would be the G-Sync option, as it does change how the frames are displayed on screen. Since updating my settings, I also haven’t encountered this defect.

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